HR-manager on subscription

We offer HR-support on subscription. Besides access to templates, guides and courses in labour law, you get a 48-hour hourly bank to use when you and your business need it. We work with consultation or lead the work all the way from wheat to bread. You will receive a personal contact at a fixed cost. The price is 5 250 SEK per month.

We offer a personal contact to use when you need for a fixed cost.

Whether you are a manager in a small business and do not have an assigned resource to work with HR-issues, or if you are an economist who has been assigned HR work too, or if you work with HR on a full-time basis, you will greatly benefit from having us as a resource for handling legal requirements, difficult HR-issues or negotiations with trade unions.

Legal requirements and complexity are increasing.

At the start of employment, a number of legal requirements are already in place, and it is also at the start that you put culture and routines into the business. As an entrepreneur, we understand that your resources are limited, but it is wise to keep an eye on what matters the most. The requirements are then increased by 5, 10, 25, 50 and 250 employees. We provide relevant and effective support throughout the journey.

It is not unusual that it is the economist who, because of lack of resources, also gets to handle labour law issues, probably because it is easy to link handling salary payment to HR-issues. This is a heavy burden to deal with since HR-issues are often complex and can contain major financial risks (the highest claim for damages we have come across was SEK 16 million).

Businesses with an assigned HR resource are often those where there is a struggle to find staff or the business has grown and has 50 employees or more. Our assistance to these customers usually consists of expertise in labour law, negotiations or an HR-resource.

We can help you!

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