New managers and coming changes

As a middle sized company without a previous HR-manager and following new management and coming operational changes to the business, MERAB chose to get support from us at MBL 11.

Salary negotiations, working time changes and preventive work

Our first assignment was to assist with salary negotiations and solve the issue of new scheduling, which was already ongoing. After that, the goal was to get polices and routines in place concerning matters of staff. Following this it was only natural to start working to get a personnel handbook in place and communicated.

Negotiations and consultations

With personnel come personnel matters and with that follow negotiations with the trade unions from time to time. This needs to be handled with some pace and that naturally slows the proactive and preventive work down, but with our support and the ability to provide more resources, we ensure that the preventive work isn’t put to the side to deal with extinguishing fires.

Missing a colleague or should an HR function be built up?

We have someone with experience from your industry ready to step in and help support or build up.

Other Cases

Customer case - HR manager on subscriptions

The olympic medalists Peder Fredricson and Lisen Bratt Fredricson are two big names within equestrian sports. To be able to fully focus on their profession, they have chosen to use our service “HR-manager on subscription”. We take care of the personnel matters and the labour law to ensure it won’t be an obstacle towards future success.

Customer case - Interim solutions

When the corona pandemic incapacitated the world during 2020, the hospitality industry was one of the sectors that were hit the hardest. This resulted in VISTA, ( the hospitality sector’s employers association) being drowned with questions from desperate members of the association. In order to handle the situation, VISITA chose to take help from us at MBL 11.

Customer case - Employment law lawyer

A salesperson chose to sue his company, claiming his termination because of redundancy of work in reality constituted fictitious redundancy. We represented the company as their legal representatives throughout the process in both the District Court and the Swedish Labour Court. The matter resulted in a victory for the company in the Swedish Labour Court: court case AD 2020 nr 2.