The pandemic required quick solutions

When the corona pandemic incapacitated the world during 2020, the hospitality industry was one of the sectors that were hit the hardest. This resulted in VISTA, ( the hospitality sector’s employers association) being drowned with questions from desperate members of the association. In order to handle the situation, VISITA chose to take help from us at MBL 11.

Redundancy of work and short-time work

When the pandemic hit with full force the result ended up being that most companies within the hotel and restaurant industry were hit with a redundancy of work. Mass unemployment threatened the industry, and as a response Sweden activated the rules of short-term employment (or temporary layoff). By and large this was a whole new thing and neither the responsible agencies nor the companies understood how the legislation should be interpreted. As advisors it fell to us to interpret the legislation and the ever changing statements from The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket)

Terminations and negotiations

It wasn’t enough with short-term employment and some financial support from the government for many companies, which is why the termination of staff was unavoidable in most cases. We guided both multinational companies and smaller employers through the forest that is labour law and negotiations with the trade unions, order of selection, formalities and preferential rights to re-employment. Thanks to our and VISTA’s help, many companies still made it through the crisis and could eventually slowly recover.

Is any colleague on leave?

It is not easy to find a competent and experienced negotiator, business advisor or labor law specialist for short term employment, we want and are ready now.

Other Cases

Customer case - HR manager on subscriptions

The olympic medalists Peder Fredricson and Lisen Bratt Fredricson are two big names within equestrian sports. To be able to fully focus on their profession, they have chosen to use our service “HR-manager on subscription”. We take care of the personnel matters and the labour law to ensure it won’t be an obstacle towards future success.

Customer case - Employment law lawyer

A salesperson chose to sue his company, claiming his termination because of redundancy of work in reality constituted fictitious redundancy. We represented the company as their legal representatives throughout the process in both the District Court and the Swedish Labour Court. The matter resulted in a victory for the company in the Swedish Labour Court: court case AD 2020 nr 2.

Customer case - HR manager on subscriptions

Working with HR entails responsibility in a variety of questions. It revolves around recruitment, rehabilitation, salary and working conditions, introduction of newly employed employees, insurance and pension, employees well being, supporting managers, conflict management, communication and executive support and labour law and negotiations.